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Hiring - Physical Therapy Aide

Aide Technician Position

We are looking for motivated, enthusiastic, hardworking aide technicians to build our professional staff.

Basic Functions:
To assist patients with exercises and gym activities as instructed by the Physical Therapist.
To maintain the clinic, including:

  • Clean and fold laundry
  • Keep all rooms stocked with proper equipment
  • Clean rooms
  • Clean modality carts, gym equipment/machines and gym tables.
  • Keep gym neatly arranged with emphasis on safety.
  • Perform daily cleaning tasks

When working with patients, you will need to perform the modalities listed below:

  • Ice wrap - Ultrasound
  • Hot packs - Paraffin Bath
  • Electrical Stimulation - H Wave

Candidate must be highly professional, personable and share our commitment to patient care and service.

Must be extremely dependable and reliable.

We are a learning facility so an interest in physical therapy or patient care is encouraged but not required.

Please email to apply.